“Levels of anticipation were running high ahead of the DOL’s unveiling of the most recent amendments to the Labour Relations Amendment Bill and the Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment. Our Dave Pattle was there. Most of those in attendance were from organised Labour and the DOL itself. At the outset Mr Kkalipi of the Department made it clear that the session was for information purposes only and that nothing that was to be said would in any way impact the content of the Bills before they go to Parliament. He stated that it was his intention to have the Bills before Parliament as soon as possible. He then proceeded to give us all a “whistle stop” tour of some of the features of the Bills in less than an hour. Although prepared to take questions he again made it clear that he would not be prepared to engage in debate. The result was that those who chose to express themselves did so by simply reiterating their respective ideological differences. The views of the majority were clear. Government has sold out to Business. Labour wants Labour Brokers banned. In discussing various issues with members of the DOL after the presentation it is clear that there are a number of interpretational disputes that will linger for some time yet. What will Parliament decide to do? The road show continues today in Cape Town.”