dated 23 April 2012 held at the President Hotel, Bloemfontein

1. Introduction

This was the fifth scheduled session and a follow – up on the one held in Durban on 18 April 2012. The Rustenburg session had been postponed from Friday to the 10th of May.

The proceedings started after 10:00 am. Marsha Bronkhorst introduced proceedings. Today was introduced as the feedback session.

Parties present were introduced : Mr Mkalipi(Chief Director of LR); Ian Macun(Director-collective bargaining) ;Virgil Seafield(Director – Employment Standards);Pume(Provincial control inspector)

Copies of the tabled Bills and slideshow were provided in a well set out pack upon signing in.

There was a poor turnout – perhaps 75 people, which eventually grew to over 100 after 10am.

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