The EE reporting period opened on 1 September 2012 and closes on 1 October 2012 for posted or hand-delivered EE reports to reach the DoL. Online reporting for 2012 opened on 1 September 2012 and closes on 15 January 2013.
For those employers who have fewer than 150 employees and required to report every two year the remuneration as reported on will be based on current employees of what was earned over the 24 month period.
For online reporting follow the link below:

12th Commission for Employment Equity Report (2011-2012)

We attached hereto a copy of the latest CEE Report; this report should form an integral part of employer’s EE planning and we recommend that EE Committees place this report on their agenda for their next meeting.

In summary

Media Report – Department of Labour – 11 September 2012

• The Quality of Employment Equity Reports received from employers improved drastically since the 2009 Reporting period mainly due to tightening of regulations in 2009 and online reporting.
• Progress at the Professionally Qualified and Skilled Levels appear to be much better, which raises questions as to why this is not improving progress at the two upper levels.
• Progress is still too slow in terms of race and gender representation at the Top and Senior Management Levels.
• Much more focus is required to improve the representation of people with disabilities at workplaces.
• The Western Cape is the worst performing province in terms of race both in government and the Private Sector at nearly all occupational levels.
• Government is performing much better than the Private Sector in terms of both race and gender representation at all three tiers, i.e. National, Provincial and Local government.
• The Community/Social/Personal Services is the best performing sector across nearly all occupational levels, which could be related to the fact that government is included in this sector.
• Manufacturing appears to be the least progressive across most sectors.
• Educational institutions have also been identified as an area for attention in order to improve on their race, gender and disability representation.

For those of our readers who have been following the recent Woolworths case in addressing EE in the workplace, follow the links below for more information:

Annual Report of the Department of Labour

In this report the Department reflects to the extent to which it is carrying its mandate to transform and regulate the labour market. The Report sets out the Departments strategic objectives in achieving its service delivery outcomes and reports on the achievements of the key focus areas identified for 2011/2012.

The Department in the 2011/2012 financial year focused on the following strategic programmes:

• Labour law amendments
• Re-building public employment services
• Implementation of Decent Work Country Programme
• Strengthening of Department of Labour inspectorate
• Reduce inequality and discrimination in the labour market
• Improve access to income protection services