The Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities, Lulu Xingwana, has been accused of verbally abusing and belittling one of her female employees to the point where she had to resign, notes a report in The Sunday Independent.

Bahumi Matebesi claims her former boss, not only created a toxic work environment, but also withheld her pension and leave payout after she resigned last year as she wanted her to leave only two months later. The report says Matebesi, the former chief financial officer in the department, has lodged a complaint of constructive dismissal at the CCMA, alleging: ‘I have been unfairly treated in the workplace, verbally abused in front of my juniors to a point where I was forced to resign… Even in my resignation, unfairness still persists in that my leave gratuity and pension benefits have been unduly withheld.’

Full report in The Sunday Independent (subscription needed)