As you have already heard, the farmworker wage increase has been met by many with trepidation.

Farmers are concerned the only way they will be able to meet their daily operational costs is by reducing their labour costs. On the other hand, farm workers need to have a wage to be able to live on.

But the not so shocking truth is the prices we see on our supermarket shelves, are not the prices that farmers or workers are paid.

In fact it doesn’t come close to the meagre amounts these farmers and workers receive.

The ogre in this equation is surprisingly a little further down the chain.

For a typical household, the increase in the farm worker wages may eventually mean higher prices at the supermarket till.

This also means a lot to your business. We have all too often seen that when employees are unhappy with a situation in the work environment, the easiest step is to down tools.

The introduction of a ballot

The proposed legislation is meant to introduce a ballot. This will be a prerequisite to a protected strike.

The intention is to prevent industrial action with only minority support, as violence or intimidation is more likely to occur under these circumstances.

This is just one of the proposed amendments of the new legislation.

Seats are filling up to the Special Labour Law update being held around the country.

Make sure you send us your registration forms to avoid disappointment.