Will you be on the DoL’s hit list?

Why not have a Voluntary Legal Compliance Audit?

The Employment Equity (EE) Legal Compliance Audit is one way in which we can pro-actively assist you to ensure that you are meeting minimum requirements and to assist you to meet your targets.

Why should you volunteer for an Audit?

Typically, Companies make avoidable mistakes when it comes to EE, for example:
  • EE Committee meetings take place but there is no Agenda that speaks to legislative requirements; or minutes are never sent out to members leading to no feedback to the constituencies;
  • No feedback to the constituencies means the Company has not consulted with employees as required by the legislation;
  • EE Plans are in place but do not meet legislative requirements

What does an Audit entail?

  • The audit is holistic and involves a review of the EE Committee’s Constitution, fixed Agenda items, Minutes, Constituency feedback reports, the WSP contents and the disclosure of EE information
  • Analysis is done on the EEA2 and EEA4 reports to date and compared to the WSP’s to assess the level of achievement of targets
  • Written Feedback is provided on shortcomings
  • Recommendations are made for remedial steps and areas to improve


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