It is that time of the year and the pressure is on to capitalise on the last few months of 2016. We need to do a lot, but we do not have the energy. So, what is the solution?

1. Remember that your people are tired too.

High levels of stress actually makes us self-involved. Practically it means that it is more difficult for us to think about showing concern and compassion for other people. This disconnection leads to strained relationships between colleagues. It is important to remember that our colleagues are also battling fatigue. For those in leadership roles, this is a critical time to build on connection, and spend time “on the floor” talking to your people, building relationships and leveraging the relationships you have built during the year.

2. Get back on the wagon.

Time management, or self-management as it pertains to time, is a skill that comes more easily to some than others. I have noticed that by September, things have usually begun to slip. I am not as strict with myself when it comes to my planning and systems, which makes me feel less organised. Time management is essentially the setting up and maintaining of a system that one can trust to do the remembering for you. Go back to the systems that work for you and be strict with yourself about sticking to them. They will become habitual again; and this will reduce stress.

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