This newsflash serves to confirm that COSATU has given notice of its intention to embark on a one-day national “strike” on Friday the 7th of October 2016, citing the following reasons:

  • The urgent implementation of safe reliable, integrated and affordable transport system
  • The scrapping of the E-tolling system
  • Banning of labour broker
  • Implementation of decent work

In this regard, COSATU appears to have complied with Section 77 of the Labour Relations Act, No 66 of 1995 (LRA) by serving the necessary notices on NEDLAC which would mean that the scheduled events of the 7th of October will therefore constitute protected protest action. Effectively, this would mean that all employees are allowed to participate in this protest action and will enjoy the same protection against disciplinary action as in the case of a protected strike.

However, employers do not need to pay employees for the time away from work as the principle of “no-work-no-pay” will apply.