In July 2016, we provided you with an update on the litigation brought by BUSA to challenge the change in the mandatory grant payment from 50% to only 20% of employer’s 1% skills development levy. We would like to provide you with a further update regarding this matter as currently the Labour Appeal Court will either set the matter down for hearing (which means that it will have to be argued in court), or issue a ruling to reject the condonation application.

We also encourage organisations to report on the non-payment of any mandatory grants currently being experienced with SETAs.  Click on the below links for more information on this and the above.

  • SETA Grant Regulations
  • Mandatory Grant Disbursement Report

The Taxation Laws Amendment Bill (B 17 – 2016) is currently before Parliament at National Assembly and of particular importance for purposes of this newsletter is the proposed extension of the allowable tax deductions for Learnership agreements and the Employment Tax Incentive (ETI).

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