‘Leadership’ can be a very nebulous term in the hands of many. An often-used term, leadership rolls easily off the tongues of a number of us but do we really know what a leadership brand is?

What Is Leadership?

Kevin Kruse – who founded LEADx.org – gives a definition of leadership. He has this to say:

“Leadership has nothing to do with seniority or one’s position in the hierarchy of a company. Too many talk about a company’s leadership referring to the senior most executives in the organization. They are just that, senior executives. Leadership doesn’t automatically happen when you reach a certain pay grade. Hopefully you find it there, but there are no guarantees.”

Leaders are from every walk of life. They come in every size, shape and form. As Kruse says, leaders are not necessarily those who are in senior management. They may not have elevated positions in an organisation. However, they are those people who take a stand in life and lead in what they believe in. They become the examples that others live by. It may not be that they are famous or well known. However what is the most important thing is that they believe in what they stand for.

Can a Leadership Brand Be Learned?

This question is as old as time immemorial. Many scholars have different things to say about this.

Prof. Mohammed R. Ahmed – who is a professor at California State University as well as a business consultant and researcher – feels that leadership can be learned. He says the following:

“Yes, leadership skills can be taught and learned. Leaders are not a different breed of people. They are not born to lead but are prepared to lead. These individuals are motivated to climb the ladder in their organizations. They are interested in learning emerging leadership skills to be successful leaders.”

Author, speaker and futurist, Jacob Morgan has something different to say:

 “I don’t believe leadership can be taught. It’s either a part of your DNA or it isn’t. The ability to show empathy, engage, empower, and inspire others is just not something that can be trained into someone.”

Developing Your Leadership Brand

Whatever  you do in life, you have to have a brand. This is because a leadership brand is something that your audience will recognise you for.

In marketing speak, a brand is so much more than just your logo and your strap line. It is the feelings and associations that are conjured up in the minds of your audience when they see anything to do with your brand. For example, take HP – or Hewlett Packard – the computer brand. When HP comes to mind, the first thing that we think of is quality, reliability and superior customer service. You get a sense of comfort that your machine, which is an HP, will deliver superior service – no matter where you are.

Your leadership brand needs to have the same associations in the minds of others. Your name needs to be associated with quality and efficient leadership so that everyone around you knows that you are a great leader whose reputation will live for many years to come.

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