How well your organisation works depends very heavily on your managers. A good manager will keep your employees working productively and at their optimum. However, a bad manager can cause a mass exodus of employees from your organisation. This is because employees leave a company because of their dissatisfaction with their managers.

Take this quiz to find out if you’re a good manager or a bad one.

Do You Rely Too Heavily on E-mail Communications?

E-mail has become part and parcel of our everyday lives. It’s affordable and provides near-instantaneous communication. Whether or you are on opposite ends of the world with your counterpart or are sitting in the next room, you can speak to them in real time.

However, with all the conveniences that e-mail brings, an over-reliance on this form of communication could lead to disharmony among your employees. Why? An e-mail can very often be subject to misinterpretation by the recipient. So if you have something of a delicate nature to communicate, something that could be subject to misinterpretation, rather have a face-to-face conversation. Follow up in an e-mail.

Are You Prepared to do the Work of the People Under You?

One of the best managers is a person who knows what it takes for their employees to do what they do. They will have come up through the ranks, having passed through the job that their employees are in. If they know what is expected of the jobs that their employees do, the manager will be able to have realistic expectations of their employees. In this way, a harmonious and productive working environment will be cultivated.

So when the business is going through a particularly busy patch, offer to help your employees out where they need to. In this way, you’ll earn their respect and will prompt them to work harder for you.

Are You Always Available to your Employees?

There is a reason why you’re a manager. You have the additional experience and skills required – such as a qualification in coaching and mentoring as offered by Global Business Solutions – that will help your employees become the best possible employees and individuals that they can be.

As their guide in the wilds of business, your employees will want to bounce ideas off of you and get your input in a whole manner of things. So make time for them. Make it easy for them to approach you. Encourage them to speak to you about any issues that they may be experiencing. You’ll see the tangible rewards in the productivity metrics of your team.