When you look at the media at the moment, it is clear that certain players in the labour market are focusing more on the political debate rather than the interest of the groups they represent. Words like ‘super-exploitation’ and ‘sell-out’ are loosely thrown around.

While there are a number of industries which have successfully traversed their negotiations thanks to the maturity, skill and mutual compromise by the parties to the process, there are a number of businesses, trade unions and sectors who have not seen the light in terms of the new negotiation environment, which has led to unnecessary conflict and strike action.

Rhetoric is easy to use by any party to whip up emotion, however it is time to face the cold hard truth about the environment we find ourselves in and realistically evaluate the changes being made to legislation attempting to create a more stable environment. Unemployment rates sit stubbornly at over 26%, protests around the country get more violent, the cost of living increases and only recently did the ratings agencies see a stabilisation with the recent change in political leadership.

It is necessary to take all these factors into account when engaging on such topics as the National Minimum Wage, settlement positions in negotiations and the proposed amendments to legislation.

These developments have led to us roping in our top experts and presenting national seminars on:

Join us as we unpack the economic realities facing our country and look at ways in which we can contribute to the success of the labour market while ensuring business success and sustainability.

Let’s move away from rhetoric and tick-box compliance. Join as us we set down best practice principles which you may implement in the workplace. Click here to read more about the Transformation Seminar. You can learn more about the Mid-Year Labour Law Update by following this link.


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Grant Wilkinson is an executive at Global Business Solutions


Grant Wilkinson

Grant Wilkinson is an executive at Global Business Solutions renowned labour law training firm.