According to the World Competitiveness Index for 2017/2018, which was released by the World Economic Forum, South Africa is ranked 93 – among 137 countries – with respect to their labour market efficiency.

“Owing to the legacy that apartheid South Africa left with respect to, among others, the labour market, when the new dispensation came into power post-1994 a big push was made to rewrite labour legislation so that the exploitation of the worker would no longer take place,” says Jonathan Goldberg: Labour Law expert and CEO of Global Business Solutions. “This means that employers use all methods at their disposal to make sure that labour laws do not end up acting against them.”

Unfortunately, this may create a sense of mistrust among employees towards their employers as the assumption is made that underhanded methodologies will be used to avoid paying the workers what they are worth. The result of this is often labour unrest in the form of industrial action.

Besides the new, more stringent labour laws that have come into effect – that attempt to regulate strikes – one of the best ways to curb industrial action in your company is to make sure that all employees buy into, and live, the mission and vision of the company. Ultimately, the goal is to build the sense of trust that employees have in their employer.

Global Business Solutions’ Mid-Year Labour Law Update is the premier labour law event of the year which tells employers all that they need to know about what has been happening on the labour law front in the last six months. Goldberg has handpicked the cases that he will discuss at this event because he knows that these will have a significant impact on your business.

We would like to invite you to bring your shop stewards to the Mid-Year Labour Law Update so that they can learn what labour law requires of employers in a working environment. They will be able to see what requirements are imposed on employers from a legislative point of view. In this way, they will see that the employer is not employing tactics to undermine them and, as such, deny the employee their rightful dues.

For more information about the Mid-Year Labour Law Update and to register, follow this link.