One of the procedural requirements of Employment Equity Compliance for designated employers is the annual submission of their Employment Equity reports in the form of the prescribed EEA2 and the EEA4 forms.

Electronic submissions must be submitted on the Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) online portal on or before 15 January 2020.

Designated Employers are also reminded that the Department has Gazetted the revised EEA 4 regulations and repealed the previous ones. Critical aspects of the new reporting format include:

  • fixed vs variable remuneration
  • inclusions, exclusions and conditions
  • median, mean and range calculations
  • overall wage gap from lowest to highest paid
  • inclusion of temporary employees
  • existence of a remuneration and equal treatment policy and alignment of remedial actions

Read more about the EEA4 regulations here.

The amendments are effective immediately and apply to the 2019/2020 EE reporting cycle which is already open.

At Global Business Solutions we offer our clients the convenience of submitting these reports directly to the DEL on your behalf. Given our experienced Consultants and years of experience in submitting reports, we can assure you of our attention to detail and accuracy in submission.

For more information, contact Menet Hamel on 021 418 1617 or via email.