One of the procedural requirements of Employment Equity Compliance for designated employers is the annual submission of their Employment Equity reports in the form of the prescribed EEA2 and the EEA4 forms.

The 2019 Employment Equity Online and Manual reporting season opened in September 2019 and the manual reporting submissions closed in October 2019. Electronic submissions can be submitted on the Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) online portal on or before 15 January 2020.

Designated Employers are as per the Act obliged to submit annually to the Department, their employment equity reports in regard to demographic profiles, gender representation and plans on how to address discrimination and inequity in the workplace.

Should you as a Designated Employer supply incorrect information, do not comply with the Employment Equity Act requirements or do not submit the documents on time, then you risk a fine of up to 10% of turnover; depending on the severity of contravention.

Employers will need the log-in details to gain access to the online submission portal, or if you have never submitted an online report; can register on the online system for the first time. Employers who have previously submitted reports to the Department, would have received reminder letters to the registered email addresses of the CEO and Senior EE Manager.  These letters contain links which will enable employers to access the online system and set up a new password for continued access.

We would specifically like to draw employers attention to the revised EEA4 Regulations and new EEA4 form. Critical aspects of the new format include:

  • fixed vs variable remuneration
  • inclusions, exclusions and conditions
  • median, mean and range calculations
  • overall wage gap from lowest to highest paid
  • inclusion of temporary employees

Employers are reminded of the requirements of section 17 of the Act which sets out all matters for consultation which includes consultation on the draft EEA2 and EEA4 with the appointed committee before the submission of the report to the Department.

If you require any assistance with your EE report submission, please contact me on 021 418 1617 or via email.

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