In reaction to the COVID-19 Coronavirus and its rapid spread and the leadership required to ensure a healthy and safe working environment, the CCMA has issued a directive with effect from 18 March 2020 until 14 April 2020, both dates inclusive.


The CCMA directed that :

Subject to the exceptions listed hereunder, face-to-face interaction with users are postponed.

Subject to the exceptions, all matters set down in the period above are postponed.

Service shall only be accepted via e-mail or fax. No walk-in service or queries are permitted.

All training and other discretionary functions are postponed unless advised otherwise.


The exceptions :

Pre-conciliations via telephone.

Telephonic conciliations if agreed between the Commissioner, the CCMA and the Parties.

Commissioners may attempt to resolve disputes using telephonic or other online methods approved by the CCMA

S189A and 188A processes and any matters identified to be in the public interest may be heard at venues other than the CCMA offices subject to certain conditions.


The road ahead :

All face to face matters are then, subject to the above, postponed until after 14 April 2020. The CCMA will continue monitoring the situation and keep all stakeholders posted.


Conclusion :

There is no doubt that this is the correct decision. Strong leadership shown by the CCMA in making this brave, but correct decision.

Keep an eye on communications from the CCMA in this period. Whilst nothing is certain at the moment, the hope is that processes will be back to normal after 14 April.

At Global, we will always endeavor to keep you appraised of developments as we become aware of same.

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us.




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