The majority of the Sector Education Training Authorities (SETAs) have already opened their portals for the submission of Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports. These must be submitted by no later than midnight on the 30 April 2021.

The submission of the Workplace Skills Plan and the Annual Training Report not only enables companies to qualify for mandatory grants for employee training initiatives, but the successful submission is also a pre-requirement for companies who want to score points on the Skills Development element of the B-BBEE scorecard. This element is also a priority element of the scorecard with substantial implications for a company’s BEE rating should sub-minimum criteria not be met.

Discretionary Grant Opportunities

In addition, several of the SETA’s are currently advertising discretionary grant opportunities.

The discretionary grants are additional funding, that SETAs provide to stakeholders and legal entities who fall within its scope for special training initiatives. Some of the SETAs that currently have funding windows open are the FASSETA and CHIETA – both have closing dates of 12 February 2021 (refer to their websites for more information) – and the FP&M SETA (closing date 30 April 2021).

It’s therefore important that Skills Development Facilitators (SDFs) understand the processes that is required of them to not only enable their organisations to access the funding that is available, but also to ensure that the annual reports are approved to allow them to score the required points on the relevant element of the B-BBEE Scorecard.

Register For Our Skills Development Facilitator Workshop

Our Skills Development Facilitator workshop – which is scheduled to start on 17 February 2021 – will provide training co-ordinators with the relevant knowledge and understanding that is required to ensure that the Company invests in the correct types of training that will maximise the Company’s ROI.

Follow this link for more information and to register.

In addition, we will be hosting practical training sessions that are aimed at helping appointed SDFs navigate the complex SETA systems on 12 and 13 March 2021. Our facilitators have been attending the various SETA Roadshows and will be able to guide you in specific focus areas.

For more information, please email


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