When addressing the equal pay for work of equal value requirements, organisations may be found wanting in the area of Temporary Employment Services (TES).

In section 198, the Labour Relations Act (LRA) provides that employees of a TES who earn below the threshold and are placed on a client’s site are entitled to equal treatment. This requires the client and the TES to collaborate and align the overall cost to company and employment terms of the TES employees with this of the client’s comparable permanent counterparts.

In practice, this means that the client and the TES need to consider salaries and wages, annual leave provisions and even access to vacancies and training of the TES employees. It may require the client to revise some policies such as recruitment policies, remuneration policies and the like. There is significant financial and reputational risk tied up in non-compliance with these important provisions with CCMA awards amounting to millions of rands not being uncommon.

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