Human resources (HR) professionals and practitioners are being called on to broaden their strategies and plans. In addition, HR is being called upon to address the entire length, breadth and height of “people”:

  • People as “employees”
  • People as “contractors”
  • People as part of the human cloud
  • People as human beings
  • People as talent.

This requires that a number of things be put in place:

  • The business strategy needs to be fully understood,
  • The design of the HR strategy needs to be carefully aligned to the business strategy,
  • The various workforce models available have to be evaluated,
  • The competency requirements over the next five years need to be mapped,
  • Policies and procedures need to be re-engineered,
  • Employment contracts must be significantly revisited, and
  • The entire employment life cycle has to come under the spotlight.

Of course, don’t forget that to add to this complexity, the ever-changing labour laws and relates statutes come into play – pending LRA and EEA amendments, COIDA amendments, UIF amendments, POPI, AARTO and case law.

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    April 20, 2021
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