As our world gets busier, our phones get beepier and meetings are scheduled back-to-back, the scarcest resource of all is time. Life in a world of doing accelerated by technology, speed, profitability and change has made us forget about the world of being, which thrives on human connection. This includes being connected to our own needs and personal energy. Many of us have “mastered” the art of making a living but we have forgotten how to make a life.

The treadmill of life is only getter faster, and many just can’t seem to get off. Living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and being ‘on the cusp’ of the fifth one, we should be thinking ways to make the world ‘better’ rather than just ‘more efficient’ or ‘more productive’? However, research conducted by Metcalf showed that there is an increased expectation to deliver results faster. (Metcalf, 2021)

More Data Vs Less Common Sense?

How is it then that we have so much knowledge at our fingertips, more experts and more data, yet we seem to have less common sense, less will power and less fulfilment? We are aware of the impact of making healthy choices for ourselves but because of a need for more efficiency and higher productivity we continue to abuse our bodies and minds with bad food, lack of exercise, poor sleep and excessive linkage to technology.

Many of the leaders and employees we advise, will tell us, “It’s so busy, I can’t afford to…not have my emails on my phone, take lunch, or book reflection time in between meetings.” The truth is that by not creating personal psychological boundaries and making time to re-energise, is doing both you and your organisation a great disservice. This is evident in the disconnection seen in the modern workplace, such as burnout, job dissatisfaction, absenteeism, abuse of sick leave, high turnover and adherence difficulties.

We Cannot Be Productive If We Do Not Put Our “Oxygen Mask” First

When travelling by airplane, the passengers are always reminded to put the oxygen mask first before attempting to help others. Why is it that we do not listen to this advise when it comes to workplaces? Without tapping into one’s inner resources to manage energy meaningfully and effectively, our performance and time spent will not be optimal. While the sheer enormity of the tasks we face each and every day may seem overwhelming, awareness is the first step towards change – and it is reassuring that research shows that there is growing momentum in the right direction.

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