What’s more important with regards to determining life success—book smarts or street smarts? This query gets at the heart of a very important debate which contrasts the relative importance of cognitive intelligence (IQ) – or intellectual quotient, as some call it – and emotional intelligence (EQ).

Supporters of so-called “book smarts” may suggest that IQ plays the most vital role in determining how well people fare in life. Those who support the importance of what might be called “street smarts” would instead suggest that EQ is even more important. So which is it?

What’s The Difference Between IQ And EQ?

Your IQ normally refers to your intellectual ability. Some of the most common-seen characteristics of your IQ include your ability to do the following:

  • Use logic to solve problems,
  • Plan and strategise,
  • Understand abstract ideas,
  • Learn and adapt to change, and
  • Grasp and use language.

Your emotional intelligence (EQ) generally refers to your ability to sense emotion in yourself as well as in other people. This abbreviation also refers to how you use that awareness in order to guide your behaviour. Generally speaking, if you have a high EQ, you could find it much easier to do the following:

  • Recognise emotions in yourself and others,
  • Empathise with other people,
  • Adapt your feelings and behaviour to different situations,
  • Control your impulses,
  • Withstand temptations and delay gratification,
  • Resolve conflicts with others, as well as
  • Communicate effectively.

Can EQ Or IQ Be Enhanced?

Emotional awareness is best instilled from an early age by encouraging qualities such as sharing, thinking about others, putting yourself in another person’s shoes, giving individual space in addition to the general principles of cooperation.

There are toys and games which are available to boost emotional intelligence. Children who do not perform well in social settings are known to perform pointedly better after taking Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) classes. In addition, adult EQ can be enhanced, although to a partial extent, through effective coaching.

IQ is much more of a genetic make, however there are a number of different ways to tap an individual’s IQ to its highest potential through brain-food and mental ability exercises such as puzzles, lateral thinking problems, and problem-solving techniques which make you think outside the box.

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