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In difficult economic times, business needs to make informed decisions when it comes to Industrial Relations.

Join us at our ANNUAL LABOUR LAW UPDATE SEMINAR, presented by Jonathan Goldberg, to keep yourself informed of labour law amendments, arbitration awards, Labour Court and Constitutional Court rulings.

Some of the topics that Jonathan will discuss, include:

– The Constitutional Court’s ruling in regard to Temporary Employment Services. What is best for your organisation?

– Disciplinary procedure problems – understand the basic steps required and the importance of a simplified policy.

– Equity considerations – make sure your recruitment decisions are justified to avoid disputes.

– Automatically unfair dismissals – the employee’s onus and absolution from the instance.

– The Constitutional Court’s view on the use of potentially discriminatory remarks and the importance of raising a valid defence.

Jonathan will also provide a status update on:

– National Minimum Wage and other proposed labour law amendments

– Labour Relations Act Amendment Bill

– Basic Conditions of Employment Act Amendment Bill

– COIDA (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act) Amendment Bill

– Employment Tax Incentive

Be part of the discussion on recent Constitutional Court, Labour Court and Labour Appeals Court decisions that can benefit your organisation by learning from the mistakes and successes of other employers.


The ANNUAL LABOUR LAW UPDATE is taking place in 7 cities across South Africa on:

We look forward to welcoming you to an ANNUAL LABOUR LAW UPDATE  session in your region!