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The impact of B-BBEE on business has been dramatic. We believe that our expertise is provides a unique perspective. We trust that our ideas prove to be fundamentally sound in turning change into value for South African businesses of all sizes.
Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) aims to ensure that the economy is structured and transformed to enable the meaningful participation of the majority of its citizens and to further create capacity within the broader economic landscape at all levels. This is achieved through skills development, employment equity, socio economic development, preferential procurement, enterprise development, especially small and medium enterprises, promoting the entry of black entrepreneurs into the mainstream of economic activity, and the advancement of co-operatives. B-BBEE needs to be implemented in an effective and sustainable manner in order to unleash and harness the full potential of black people and to foster the objectives of a pro-employment developmental growth path.

At Global Business Solutions, we have a range of service offerings aimed to equip, empower and educate around this dynamic and (sometimes) complex issue.

This division provides a range of business skills and solutions applicable to both the public and private sector, including:​

    • General management and business analysis​
    • Business planning​
    • Due diligences / Information memoranda​
    • Financial modelling​
    • Organizational design​
    • Situational analysis​
    • End to end processes​
    • Restructuring​
    • Section 197 employee transfers​
    • Section 198 and 198A retrenchments​

​We have enjoyed particular success on the practical and strategic implementation of business solutions, aligned to strategic business objectives; rather than mere statutory compliance with legislation.​

Our Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment update seminars will keep delegates informed of everything they need to know including the Codes of Good Practice; how to plan effectively for B-BBEE; a company’s B-BBEE status and all other issues relating to B-BBEE.

B-BBEE Boot Camp for B-BBEE Champions

Understanding B-BBEE

B-BBEE Tools:

  • B-BBEE Calculator (various Sectors)​
  • Disabled Learners Calculator​
  • Affidavit (EME, QSE, Start up, Jobs created)​
  • Letter Templates:​
  • Enterprise Development Confirmation​
  • Enterprise Development Agreement​
  • Supplier Development Confirmation​
  • Supplier Development Agreement​
  • Socio-Economic Development Confirmation​

We are able to develop and customise tools specific to your organisations needs


Hi Richard, thank you very much again for all your efforts.  The support and advice was exceptional. – much appreciated.

Barry Page, Group HR Systems Manager, PG Group. (Port Elizabeth, 29 April 2016)

Informative and Eye opening

Bonnie Dudu, Project Manager, ELIDZ. (East London, 13 August 2015)

Kim is an absolute gem, great business insights & practical

Phumeza Pepeta, HR Manager, Dynamic Brands. (East London, 18 March 2015)

The workshop was good and I got exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Kim

Ntombizandile Ngantweni, Skills Development Facilitator, Sakhiwo Infrastructure Solutions. (East London, 18 March 2015)

I really got a lot out of this course; the topics covered and the practical example by the facilitator were excellent.

Zamuxolo Meke, HR Manager, First National Battery. (East London, 23 October 2012)

Dear Marianne
I would like to thank you for the new workshop on B-BBEE which I attended recently. This workshop was quite intensive and gave me good all round training on all the aspects of the B-BBEE sections. I found the lecturer, Grant, to be very knowledgeable on the subject, and I thought he put all the information across very well. He was also skilled at putting the trainee at ease, which made for two good days of interaction.

Ronnie Stark, Financial Director, Airconditioning Services. (East London, 26 September 2012)

Placing people with disabilities differs from other forms of placement as it requires a different process which is often unfamiliar territory for most employers. This process will include what disabilities the workplace can accommodate, accessibility of the workplace, BBEEE requirements and on-going support. The challenge is to change preconceived attitudes and perceptions by educating employers before they consider offering positions to persons with disabilities.​

Disability Sensitization is an essential step in the process of ensuring people with disabilities are able to function effectively in the open labour market. One needs to create an inclusive environment and educate your staff on how to do this. It is of great importance that the workforce has a clear understanding of the potential barriers and misconceptions the person with a disability faces on a daily basis.​

Each sensitization workshop includes:​

  • Disability Definitions​
    • Disability Etiquette​
    • Correct terminology​
    • Myths about people with disabilities​
    • Selection and Recruitment​
    • Exploring our perception about disability​
    • Experiential learning​

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