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Human Capital

Human Capital Solutions offered by Global Business Solutions encompass strategic policy and operational matters as well as administrative requirements. Work force strategies are a core focus and Global Business Solutions advises many clients on how to optimally structure direct employment, temporary employment services as well as independent contracting arrangements.

In addition, Global Business Solutions are experts in drafting and designing policies across the entire human capital value chain including sourcing, recruitment, selection, assessments, on-boarding, contracting, training, performance managing, payroll, career and succession planning, labour relations as well as employee value propositions around retention. Additional services offered encompass equal treatment and equal pay for work of equal value exercises and analyses, employee surveys and various associated practices that drive a sound employee value proposition.

In addition, a number of our clients requests audits in order to boost and support annual financial reports in the Human Capital space. We also do comparative analyses to determine return on investment of current practices as well as areas that can be improved in order to optimise human resources.

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