Global Business Solutions Learning Online (GLO) is built using a New Spring platform, which is a Dutch-accredited learning technology provider. GLO  allows us to create and deliver personal and corporate learning journeys.

The GLO Student Portal is designed for blended learning which combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods. Most students have unique learning styles and this approach is more effective than traditional classroom learning. With the integration of technologies, GLO is able to improve teaching, information retention, engagement, responsibility and enjoyment.

The GLO Client Portal is designed to support existing clients through expert advice and pioneered tools that will improve workplace productivity, efficacy and satisfaction. The modern industry is changing rapidly. Stay abreast of all these changes with GLO!

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GLO Student Portal Login

Existing students will gain access to their enrolled courses, supporting documentation, learner support and tips.

There are also training videos and our pioneer app, the memo trainer, which is set to enhance your learning experience like never before!

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