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Sexual Harassment Masterclass

June 27, 2019 8:00 am
June 27, 2019 12:00 pm
Johannesburg, South Africa   View map


Sexual Harassment Masterclass

Learning and Best Practice

Who/why attend


It is the company’s responsibility to ensure a safe workplace and a failure to deal with sexual harassment holistically can result in significant damages claims, a dented employee value proposition and reputational dilution. Surveys reveal that sexual harassment has impacted a significant proportion of employees and over the years our law on sexual harassment has developed to include same sex
sexual harassment as well as homosexual sexual harassment.

Course Objective

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As employers it is our responsibility to ensure that we provide a safe workplace that is free from unfair discrimination and that protects human dignity. Employers can’t afford to turn a blind eye to this matter and need to be proactive in terms of educating staff on what sexual harassment comprises as well as what their rights are. Importantly, the pending amendments to the Employment Equity Act provide that if an employer has been found guilty of an unfair discrimination claim, it will not be issued with a compliance certificate.

Course Outline

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• What are the “holistic” steps that an employer should take to create a legally compliant environment in respect of sexual harassment?
• What other steps can be taken to ensure that a culture of equality and human dignity is established?
• What policies, procedures and practices should be in place as a minimum to ensure that these matters are dealt with appropriately?
• What structures and systems can be put in place to provide early warning systems?
• What is the now aggrieved employee once reciprocated but now takes exception?
• When is sexual attention unsolicited?
• How to deal with “its my word against the other party’s word”?
• What is the aggrieved employee insists to deal with a matter informally but the misconduct is gross?
• Do they have a choice based on privacy rights?
• Recent case law in respect of sexual harassment and the legal principles arising


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  • Duration                                                                  1 Day
  • Venue                                                                     Johannesburg (TBC)
  • Time                                                                         08h00 for 09h00
  • Workshop Price:                                                  R2 900 (Exculding VAT)

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