Some tips on how to keep your top talent on board in the workplace otherwise known as an employee retention guide.

Some companies have the following five simple steps to keep their top performers:

  1. Give employees the responsibility and authority to get things done;
  2. Treat employees with empathy, attention and respect. (otherwise known  as the “EAR” approach);
  3. Provide feedback on performance and recognise achievement;
  4. Dedicate thought and resources to promote high morale in the workplace;
  5. Hire the right people (the “shoe must fit the workplace” approach).


See below some examples of low cost ways to keep your staff:

  • Send out personalised thank you notes;
  • Send out personalised voicemail’s/messages from Management team;
  • Periodic days off to recognise good performance;
  • Spot rewards (e.g. gift certificates for completion of large projects or a meal voucher);
  • Recognise professional milestones, that is celebrate a promotion or years of service by means of a certificate framed and handed to the employee;
  • Send out get well cards/flowers when they are in hospital;
  • Send out birthday cards or what’s app messages for their days of celebration;
  • Send out a bereavement card for a death in the family or nominate someone to attend the funeral service;
  • Remember your manners and always say PLEASE, THANK YOU and SORRY when applicable.


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