1.    Valid B-BBEE certificates

Companies collecting B-BBEE certificates face a confusing array of potential options. Even Verification Agencies are making errors when determining which document to issue. The following are all valid:


  • EME and some QSE scored under the amended Codes of Good Practice
  • EME and some QSE scored in terms of the Tourism Sector codes
  • Marketing Advertising and Communications EME and black owned QSE scored under the MAC code


  • QSE and Large companies scored under the amended codes, Tourism codes and MAC codes
  •  EME and QSE scorecards for companies scored under the following Sector codes:
    – Property
    – Transport
    – Financial Services
    – Agricultural
    – Forestry

2.  False or Fraudulent certificates

We are seeing B-BBEE certificates issued under the incorrect codes, mainly affidavits being supplied when a certificate is still required. Added to this, we still see a number of fraudulent/false/invalid certificates being supplied by companies.
Our clients accept these certificates in good faith, but they can cause problems at the verification. If you have questions on any certificates, please scan and email to Charlene or me (our emails are shown below). We can review and determine if the certificates are valid, invalid or if they require further investigation. A call to the Verification Agency can answer such questions too.

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