2016… what a year!  Brexit, then Donald Trump!  All unpredicted worldwide economic events.

On the local front, the proposal of a minimum wage at a rate of R3500 per month with a number of unanswered questions including collective bargaining and sectoral determinations and the role they will play in this new dispensation.  There is still a lot of water to flow under the bridge next year in regard to this matter.

What we expect on the employment front next year is some challenges on employment equity from the Department of Labour on compliance as well as the continuation of equal treatment cases and the development of that jurisprudence.  We believe we are well positioned to help clients with equal pay so we can ensure that there are solutions to equal pay that do not necessarily cost organisations money.

Social media remains a hot topic with executives not only having to be careful what they themselves tweet and post in cyberspace, but this year we also saw how dramatic the impact can be on a particular brand when employees comment indiscriminately in their private capacity.  For this reason, we will kick the New Year off with a focus on social media and the protective measures that each company should put in place.

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