A question often asked of job applicants in interviews is: “Where do you see yourself in three years from now?” This telling question is answered mostly in a manner that will hopefully impress the interviewer. However, the true answer to this question lies within the answer to the question relating to one’s daily routine as highlighted by John Maxwell and other authors. Whatever you do with your limited time will determine the outcomes that will manifest. It is a law of nature.

In today’s world, and in our daily routine, we suffer from a time famine: not enough time to do the things we need to and want to do. All too often, organisations fail to consider the management of personal energy and the effect this might have on productivity and employee well-being.

This is evident in the disconnection seen in the modern workplace, such as burnout, job dissatisfaction, absenteeism, abuse of sick leave, high turnover as well as adherence difficulties. Without tapping into ones inner resources to manage energy meaningfully and effectively, our performance will not be optimal.

Employers will be well-positioned to engage with employees and run programmes focused on areas such as:

  • Understanding personal energy,
  • The Psychology of burnout and recovery,
  • The Neuroscience of energy,
  • The importance of self-preservation,
  • Tools and techniques to enhance personal energy,
  • Understanding the importance of psychological boundaries, and
  • The theory of Cure vs Care.

It is time for you to make connection of ultimate concern. Connection is not just a skill – it is an art, just as living is an art. And if you want to learn how to connect you have to proceed as you would with any other art.

So step one is to know the theory of connection but now we have to go one step further and make connection of ultimate concern. But why would you want to make connection of ultimate concern? The truth is, whether you like it or not, you have to take it on and you need to adopt this way of thinking with your employees.

Connection equals health and as we grow more disconnected in this square world – disconnected from our land, our families and communities, so we have more of a need to make connection of ultimate concern if we value health. So we are here today to make connection of ultimate concern, because we are firm believers that it is the ultimate goal for health in our daily routine both at home and at work.

Our vision, at Circle & Square, is to humanise corporate South Africa by making use of the skills and insights of clinical psychology in addition to our proprietary Circle & Square methodology. We are proud to be preferred partners to Global Business Solutions and would be honoured to share our insights with your organisation.

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Kind regards,

The Circle & Square Team.