We are in a time of tremendous change… this is a change that came about without anyone asking for it or volunteering that it arrive on their doorstep. But as we have come to realise, whether we like it or not, we are unable to control the external factors in our world.

To quote Thomas Paine: “These are the times that try men’s souls.” Where we need to shift our mindset is from one of wanting to control the external factors that are making us feel disempowered and alienated to one where we can feel empowered and involved. While we are unable to change what is going on around us, we are able to be in control of our own personal worlds.

What Does This All Mean?

This means that there are certain elements that are in our control and the power we have in this realm, is to make a CHOICE!

It is during these times of crisis when either the worst or the best in people, emerge. We can choose whether we want to be leaders or victims. Choose whether we want to be fearful or courageous.

Choose to become a Hero – a hero of love, of dedication, of sacrifice, of leadership, of clarity, of resilience, of wisdom and of deep spirituality and faith. This is a time where we can choose clarity, resolve and strength. A time where we can choose to feel inspired and be an active participant in becoming the greatest and best version of ourselves. Allowing our inner strength to emerge.


In practice, a very simple yet impactful tool is the skill of listening. Listening in the true sense of the word… with attentiveness. Giving the people around us, whether in person or virtually (by phone or Zoom) a safe space in which to honestly share where they are at and show their true feelings and emotions. While providing this space for the other person, we need to be fully present. Keeping our cameras on, nodding our heads, asking questions that relate to what is being said and not looking how to shorten the engagement by ‘problem solving’ are just some of the small yet profound behaviours we can display to be a support for the people around us.

Let us choose for this to be a time where we can make our own worlds thrive and become the greatest and best versions of ourselves. Make the choice to be a leader – to yourself, your family, loved ones, friends and your community. And a leader to the world.

If you want to discover more about making choices to safeguard your energies, and prevent burnout, you need to attend our Time Management Vs Energy Management Course on 22 July. If you have a group of people who want to do this course sooner, we’re able to run it as an in-house course.

Kind regards,

The Circle and Square Team