The 22nd Annual employment Commission for (CEE) Report was launched on 20 June 2022. With the majority of employment equity (EE) reports being submitted by the private sector, it was noted that the White population group still dominates the top tiers of management in this sector while the African population group dominates the top three levels of management in the public sector. Given the trend in the private sector, the point was raised as to whether or not foreign conglomerates, when they bring their own top-tier management to set up operations, transfer their skills to South Africans.

Africans still dominate the unskilled and semi-skilled labour market. What is of concern to the Commission is that foreign nationals make up 4.3% of the unskilled labour force. Given South Africa’s soaring unemployment rates, this sector of the economy could provide jobs to many. Thus, employers are strongly encouraged to employ South African nationals over foreigners. In fact, the proposed Employment Services Amendment Bill will limit the employment of foreign nationals.

In the second half of the presentation, the Code of Good Practice on the Prevention and Elimination of Harassment which replaces the 2005 Code of Good Practice on the Handling of Sexual Harassment Cases in the Workplace.

The prior code sets out harassment as physical, verbal and psychological. However, the new code broadens the definition of harassment quite extensively to include, for example, LGBTQIA+ phobic language, hostile teasing and cyber bullying. Other significant aspects include applicants for employment and the fact that employers need to give due consideration to giving employers who were harassed additional sick leave to access trauma counselling.
Although this report does not show great strides in transformation, the Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour said that government needs to set the example – regarding making strides in transformation – to encourage the private sector to follow.