Global’s role in ground breaking DTI B-BBEE training…

Global Business Solutions will be the exclusive training facilitators on behalf of WITS University in relation to the DTI’s B-BBEE verification training programme…

Johannesburg – Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies on Friday launched a broad-based black empowerment (B-BBEE) management development programme to be offered by universities.
“For the first time we are institutionalising and professionalising B-BBEE, thus entrenching it within the economic system,” Davies said at the launch outside Pretoria, according to a statement from the department of trade and industry.
The programme, which would be offered by the University of SA and the University of the Witwatersrand, was aimed at ensuring uniformity and consistency in the implementation of B-BBEE.
“The programme presents exciting career opportunities for new entrants into this industry. Students can now elect to study B-BBEE as a profession,” said Davies.
One of the aims of the programme was to develop a national standardised knowledge base on B-BBEE as well as to create job opportunities for new entrants to the B-BBEE environment.