What does it cost to drink that glass of wine?

After a hard day at the office, I occasionally pour myself a glass of wine with dinner.  I rarely think about what it costs farmers and workers alike to get this glass of wine to my dinner table.

A friend of mine recently surmised that a bottle of wine has become to him like a blood diamond. He can’t help but think of all the lives destroyed by the burned down vineyards, weeks of non-production and a sector ravaged by accusations and finger pointing.

However the strikes on the vineyards, and in the mines and in manufacturing and (insert relevant sector here) is a symptom of a much bigger problem we have. Despite government intervening, the strikes have become more and more violent and employers are concerned that if they do not give in to striker’s demands, then their businesses will be crippled and forced to eventually shut down.

This affects you because with the new proposed labour legislation employees are being given greater rights while employers are being given much less. And if you’re not prepared when these laws come into effect, then it could cost you dearly.

Coupled with this is that the new legislation proposes penalties and fines for you of at least 2% of your turnover.

Because of this, our CEO, Jonathan Goldberg, wants you to know how to arm yourself against these eventualities. He’s agreed to take his knowledge gained as a representative of business at NEDLAC and share it with you.

We’re running Special Labour Law Updates all around the country from March 2013.

Bookings are limited for this morning session so make sure you send us your registration forms.

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