We have been inundated with queries regarding leave.

Leave and sick leave in particular, poses a huge problem to employers. It is one of the biggest day to day challenges faced.

But have you ever heard of “presenteeism”?

Well this is when employees are at work, but they are simply not working. They are sending private emails, sitting on Facebook or catching up on the latest company gossip.

I’ve also recently read a review on a Special Assignment show that aired some years back. The investigation focused on service delivery at the Workmen’s Compensation offices. When the journalists arrived, there were about 10 staff members playing games on their computers whilst the others were “doing some hairdressing”.

I’ve also heard of the “jacket on the chair” syndrome. This is where an employee pretends to be present at work, by leaving said jacket hanging over his chair in the office. I think this illusion will only work if performed in a larger company.

But this type of behaviour can kill your bottom line just as much as or even more than the sick leave abuse.

This type of presenteeism can become a plague on your business. Production begins to suffer, time is wasted and eventually profits decline.

How to ensure your company doesn’t suffer from presenteeism?

  • Well first things first: you      need to make sure your managers are not the time wasters. If they are then      it becomes easier for lower level employees to behave in much the same      manner.
  • I’d recommend you set strict      deadlines and adhere to them. Do not deviate from this unless there is a      valid reason for an employee missing a deadline.
  • If tasks are not completed      timeously, then you need to follow a proper poor performance procedure.

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