Everyone has had the manager that has “managed” everything from their bathroom break to checking if you have just responded to the client email that has landed in your inbox.

A friend of mine recently admitted to being this over bearing, micromanaging boss.

But it didn’t surprise me as she does tend to micromanage her kids (Taking them to job interviews to speak to potential bosses about work schedules and the corporate culture her child is exposed to, as well as speaking to University professors who’ve graded her kids badly).

So here’s how to prevent turning into the micromanaging boss

  1. Let your employees know that when they bring a problem to your attention, they also need to come with possible solutions. It will prevent you from looking for the solutions yourself.
  2. When training a new employee, some sort of micromanaging may be required. But once they have things under control, you need to back off.
  3. Don’t always assume that your way is the right way of doing things.
  4. Your employees may be too scared to offer any suggestions to problems as you always seem to “know better”. So try to get input from colleagues and employees.

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