The latest from the Parliamentary office.

1. Regarding EE, there is an internal parliamentary deadline by which bills must be passed to the NCOP if it’s desired that the NCOP should pass them by the end of the year. That deadline passed in June, so I’d say it’s highly unlikely that these bills will be passed by the end of the year, but as you say stranger things have happened and there is an election coming up. If they aren’t passed by the end of the year, they’ll probably be pushed to do so in the first term 2014.

2. LRA & BCEA: The NCOP cannot vote at the next meeting  (23 October 2013) because they require mandates from the provinces in order to do so. The mandating process is two step: an initial mandate and then a final mandate.

Looks like hope is fading for a sign off this year.  Let’s wait and see.

Kind regards