Every week I feel like the purveyor of bad news. However, the reality for employers is that 2014 is going to be even more challenging than previous years.
The notion of equal pay for work of equal value could result in financial ruin and material fines if the employer does not fully understand the impact of this legislation.

In order to assist you through this process, GBS are hosting seminars in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, where both Johnny Goldberg and John Botha will be breaking down this concept for you.

Some of the key areas of focus will be:

  • What constitutes “arbitrary grounds” in unfair discrimination around equal pay?
  • Equal pay for work of equal value defined – nature, scope & extent
  • Acceptable models & methodologies for the equal pay framework & approach
  • Approaches to assessment of value & how far equal value extends
  • How justifiable are “justifiable reasons” for fair discrimination?
  • What changes in respect of the Equity Plan & do you need a plan on equal pay?
  • How do I manage the TES/ labour broking relationship in this regard

Download a brochure or contact your nearest GBS office for more information.