The year has started off with a bang with all and sundry racing to get their house in order after the implementation of the Labour Relations Act.

As a valued GBS client, we trust that this need not have been the case for you, as we have for some time now provided you with clear guidelines and advice as to how to succeed, despite the challenges you will be facing post the Act’s implementation.
Usually we discuss two cases in this particular newsflash. However we felt that it may be more appropriate to discuss and attach upcoming events that may add great value to you.

We at GBS pride ourselves on our Updates in Labour Law. There is a national run of a Technical Update on the Labour Relations Act. We start in Johannesburg this Tuesday. Engage with Johnny directly with your concerns around the impact and implementation of the changes.

One of the fundamental issues raised by both the Labour Relations Act as well as the Employment Equity Act is the issue of Equal Treatment. At GBS we are at the crest of the wave and have designed the Equal Pay Toolkit which will provide you with the relevant supporting documentation that you would require to be able to justify any differentiation, should you be challenged. Attend one of our workshops to fully unpack this concept and see where we can assist you with compliance.

Writers hereof have been at the forefront of the process and with the team of attorneys and consultants at GBS, are able to provide you with practical solutions to implement in your workplace.

We look forward to walking this journey with you.