All companies with payroll exceeding R500K per annum are required to contribute 1% of their skills levy in terms of the Skills Development Levies Act.

As such these companies are required to submit training plans or Workplace Skills Plans (WSP) detailing training for the next 12 months. Those companies that have already submitted their WSP in the previous year need now show the progress of training that they have already completed. This is referred to as the Annual Training Report (ART).

Previously, levies grant claims have been amended to encourage companies to have training that is meaningful and developmental for their employees. Companies now have to submit a PIVOTAL (Professional Vocational Technical Academic Learning Programs) plan. This training is also in line with the B-BBEE Skills Learning programmes.

For a company to qualify for BEE scorecard points they need to have submitted a WSP and ATR. There also needs to be proof of submission and registration with the SETA and skills levy contribution payments.

Furthermore, the amended B-BBEE Codes have made the skills development element a priority area. This means that failure to meet the sub-minimum target of 40% spend will result in your company’s BEE scorecard level dropping.

Ensure that your WSP and PIVOTAL plans are aligned to your BEE requirements. This will save you headaches during your BEE verification process. Global Business Solutions have been assisting companies with their WSP for many years.

Let us help you with the submissions.

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