by Jonathan Goldberg and Grant Wilkinson

Welcome to the next edition of the labour law newsflash. At Global Business Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing cradle-to-grave solutions.  Our aim is to give you advice and training that make sense to your organisation rather than merely advice that does not fit the context of what you do in your business.

Two issues that have raised queries in the labour market recently are the matters of strike management and the use of temporary employment service providers after the Assign Services Labour Appeal Court outcome. Please follow these two links – link 1 and link 2 – for helpful pieces of information on these two challenges in the labour market.


Strikes need to be dealt with proactively, rather than reactively, by properly dealing with situations in the workplace when these arise. Here are some suggestions on how to deal such incidents:

  • Consider what can be done about workers’ living conditions. Address these as close to the workplace as possible.
  • Be honest and consistent.
  • Improve communication with the union.
  • Engage with appropriate community structures.
  • Improve collective bargaining skills.
  • Encourage social dialogue.
  • Where possible, address actual and perceived union corruption and bureaucracy.
  • Encourage improved mediation.
  • Moderate worker expectations and perceptions.
  • Address unresolved conflict and illiteracy.
  • Communicate effectively and understandably.
  • Provide learning initiatives.

It is important to remember that every strike situation is unique and needs to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

We trust the above will prove informative and guide you in the management of these situations. However, should you need any assistance you are more than welcome to contact any of our branches. We have experts on board who are at the forefront of managing these issues.

Till next time
Johnny & Grant