Department of Labour means business:
Income differentials, the EEA4 amendments and Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value


Align now to the new EEA4

Since the introduction of s6(4) of the EEA in which the emotional matter of equal pay for work of equal value was formalised, we have been advising clients that it is fundamentally important to design remuneration and equal treatment policies and remedial actions. In addition, the need to have a system that allows for the capturing, analysis and reporting of data fields that will be required under the revised EEA4.

The Department of Labour has Gazetted the revised EEA 4 regulations and repealed the previous ones. Critical aspects of the new format include:

  • fixed vs variable remuneration
  • inclusions, exclusions and conditions
  • median, mean and range calculations
  • overall wage gap from lowest to highest paid
  • inclusion of temporary employees
  • existence of a remuneration and equal treatment policy and alignment of remedial actions

EEA4 Webinar with John Botha, Thembi Chagonda and Natalie Singer

Join our team of experts for a webinar on 22 August from 10:00 to 11:30 to find out more about the amendments and their implications.

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Date: 22 August 2019
10:00 – 11:30
Price per delegate:
R550 (excl. VAT)
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Added bonus:

Receive a step by step action plan to ensure alignment with legal and reporting requirements of the new EEA4.

Meet the presenters:

John Botha
John is the COO of Global Business Solutions and previous Employment Equity Commissioner.

Thembi Chagonda
Thembi is a Commissioner of the Employment Equity Commission and MD of Global Business Solutions.

Natalie Singer
Natalie is an EE remuneration expert and consultant at Global Business Solutions.