The success of a disciplinary enquiry often depends on the effort which the representative puts into
the preparation of the case. The value of thorough preparation cannot be emphasised

Regardless of whether the disciplinary enquiry will result in formal or informal disciplinary action, an
investigation should always be done in order to make sure of the facts of the matter. It is
not enough for the employer representative to rely on allegations, suspicions or views in the disciplinary enquiry. The
facts of the matter have to be investigated in sufficient detail in order to make a decision about if
the disciplinary process is to be initiated and / or what sanction could possibly
attach to the contravention.

3 Main Stages

There are three main stages of a disciplinary enquiry. These are the following:

  • The Investigation,
  • Conceptualisation Of The Case, and
  • Formulation Of Charges.

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Effective Discipline In The Workplace Course Outline

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