Welcome to the next edition of the labour news flash. The recent election emphasised the need for strong leadership and the impact thereof on all types of organisations. It is often said that organisations are over-managed and under-led.

The labour market provides significant challenges to businesses and leaders need to be proactive in dealing with these challenges which inevitably require an ability to adapt to disruption from various sides. For example, since August 2014 we have experienced the impact of material amendments to labour law, including:

  • The Labour Relations Act and section 198 which regulates flexible forms of employment and contracting;
  • The Employment Equity Act which specified the requirement to come to terms with equal pay for work of equal value;
  • The National Minimum Wage Act as well as accompanying changes to the BCEA;
  • The Labour Laws Amendment Act and UIF Act amendments as well as pending COIDA amendments.

It is truly a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment and organisations would be well placed if they entrench a culture of leadership across all levels of employees. While managers manage complexity, leaders manage change and it is often the case that the latter leaves a lot to be desired resulting in resistance to change, job losses and demotivated workforces.

As a result of these opportunities to grow with our stakeholders, Global Business Solutions offer globally-aligned and locally relevant leadership and management programmes. These programmes offer a ladder of progression from supervisory and management development through the flagship Master of Business Leadership Programme, view details here . The lead facilitators in respect of the latter are the GBS CEO, Jonathan Goldberg, as well as Anton van der Walt.

Jonathan Goldberg

Jonathan has been at the forefront of the changing labour law landscape over the past twenty years, leading negotiations at plant, industry and NEDLAC levels and assisting clients to navigate the dynamic regulatory environment. Jonathan holds several key roles including being a member of the Employment Services Board, a BUSA representative at NEDLAC, as well as a National Minimum Wage Commissioner. A sought-after advisory/speaker and lecturer, Jonathan has conducted thousands of strategic interventions and presentations, sharing his expertise and insight.

Anton van der Walt

Anton has spent the last 20+ years in HR across the globe, in China, the Middle East, South Africa, Europe, Australia and Thailand. His passion is to help inspire global leaders. He works with senior executives, managers and aspiring leaders to understand how to use their impact and influence to grow their business. This is achieved by creating clarity around innovative engagement that moves employees from being disengaged, to being committed and excited about innovation and creativity in the business.

Now is the time for transformational leadership in this space. We hope that our efforts will result in your business being able to make proactive strategic decisions and not the reactive nature that we have seen in our country.

Regards until next time.

Jonathan Goldberg and Grant Wilkinson